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Natural treatments for age spots.

Natural treatments for age spots.
Although age spots do not pose a health risk, you still want to get rid of them. Most of them are masked with makeup, treated with bleach creams or eliminated in many sessions, and not non-invasively, with laser. However, age spots do not arise without reason. If one knows their causes, one can proceed against stains with natural means on purpose. Although this usually requires a few weeks of patience, but it’s worth it. What are the natural remedies for age spots there? How can you let the age spots fade without side effects?

Treatments for age spots – How to eliminate annoying pigmentation spots?
Effective treatments for age spots are rare. But is it necessary to eliminate age spots? Age spots are a completely harmless pigmentation of the skin. They do not cause any complaints and, in general, appear for the Trialix first time in the 1940s, for many people only in the 1960s.

There are light brown spots on the back of the hand, back, arms or face, which should not be confused with freckles, which are already in childhood with proper preparation. Age spots are not moles or liver patches either.

However, age spots can occupy large portions of the facial skin and, therefore, are common only for visual reasons. What is the treatment of age spots that can be used now?

Elimination of spots by laser?
Laser treatment can make old spots disappear. But the therapist must have experience, since the treated skin can become very bright after the laser session, so it will eventually have light spots instead of dark spots.

In the sun, after laser treatment, it does not last for months, and if so, only with a sun protection factor of over 50. Like the sun protection factor, it avoids 100 percent of the vitamin D composition. of one’s body Vitamin D deficiency is the result. But this in turn is responsible for many diseases or increases existing diseases.

How old spots develop
Under the skin, mainly due to intense sunlight, there is a local accumulation of dye. It is called lipofuscin and is also called pigment of age. Do not arise to protect the skin from the sun too much (as does the melanin in charge of the sun).

On the other hand, lipofuscin develops as a result of oxidation processes, that is, when the unsaturated fatty acids in cell membranes become victims of oxidation. Thus, lipofuscin is not only scum. At an early age, lipoposin is completely broken by the body so that it is not seen. But at some point, the organism no longer transfers scum from the skin, leaving the lip and fusion on the skin, and is now visible as a place.

Natural treatments for age spots.
The remedies for age spots are now shown  Trialix Canada as causes of age spots:

If lipofuscin is a malignancy that the body can no longer dissipate, the primary treatment for age spots is effective detoxification. This relieves the body and helps relieve stored slag and eliminate it from the body. How can you purify, we have explained here: methods of purification – how to properly detoxify?
In addition, when lipophos- phosine is the result of oxidation processes, the body lacks antioxidants to prevent oxidation processes and protect fatty acids in cell membranes. Antioxidant levels often fall in old age, and it’s not surprising, especially now, that humans are prone to age spots and many other conditions associated with oxidation processes. Therefore, one of the most important ways to treat age spots is the increase in personal antioxidant levels, either with a diet rich in antioxidants or with the appropriate antioxidants as a dietary supplement:

In a review of the University

In a review of the University of West London in the United Kingdom in 2011, six studies on bromelain and blood sensitivity were examined.

It was found that bromelain – an enzyme known as pineapple – is useful in the treatment of acute inflammation of venous thrombophlebitis (superficial vein thrombosis), since it reduces the platelet mass (blood coagulation), has a protective effect of heart and prevents the formation of blood clots.

Turmeric is a type of spices Gethealthyfreedom that has been well studied and has many beneficial properties for health, whether detoxification, liver protection, dental care, low blood sugar or cancer prevention.

With respect to cardiovascular protection and natural blood relief, the University of Maryland Medical Center wrote about turmeric as of April 2014:

Studies show that turmeric helps prevent atherosclerosis and prevents blood platelets from coagulating, which prevents blood from clotting. ”
The effect of thinning blood in turmeric seems to be impressive, so it is recommended to stop taking turmeric supplements two weeks before the planned operation.

Turmeric can also increase the thinning effect of warfarin, aspirin and cohort, so turmeric is not recommended as a dietary supplement when taking blood thinners.

In a Korean study conducted in 2012, the anticoagulant properties of curcumin, an active active ingredient isolated from turmeric, were investigated. Surprisingly, the effects of curcumin in the blood were so good that it was said that the daily consumption of turmeric spices can maintain a healthy blood flow in the long term.

If you want to put this advice into practice, your cookbook will help you. Of course, everything revolves around turmeric and the recipes are seasoned with the highest purity.

Ginger is also the thinnest natural blood. Due to its aromatic aromas, it is a very famous condiment, or mostly local and chocolate, as a favorite sandwich.

In an Australian study in 2003, the activity of Gethealthyfreedom isolated ginger was tested in blood coagulation. Ginger substances weaken the blood better than aspirin.

Since one does not eat substances isolated from ginger, but generally takes a serving of whole ginger, one does not naturally take with ginger large amounts of ginger materials that shine in the blood, and then the clotting effect of blood coagulation it does not turn with force.

However, regular consumption of ginger can certainly contribute to the presence of healthy blood, especially because it still has strong antioxidant abilities that make it a good protector of blood vessels and the heart.

The natural product Zinopin, for example, consists of a mixture of ginger extract and pycnogenol (pine bark extract). Although Zynopene was ostensibly advertised as a treatment for nausea (travel sickness, pregnancy illness, nausea after surgery, etc.). However, it has also been developed to prevent the recurrence of deep vein thrombosis when traveling.

In the development of Dr. John Scar, a leading vascular surgeon, he wrote in a publication that one in ten travelers had at least one venous disease. “The extracts of ginger and pine bark reduce microvascular permeability, promote blood flow and reduce blood clotting,” said Skar.

A study published in the journal Clinical Clotting / Journal of Veins confirmed that Scurr’s opinions showed that Pycnogenol promotes blood circulation, prevents edema and reduces the risk of DVT.

The cinnamon
Cinnamon also has an anticoagulant effect, but also mainly in the form of extracts, such as cinnamon essential oil or cinnamon distillates. An extract of cinnamon (cinnamon tea) did not have the effect of thinning the blood. This also indicates that the specific components of cinnamon should be taken in high doses to achieve a medical effect.

Cayenne pepper
Eine australische Studie aus dem Jahr 2014 zeigte, dass capsaicina – der scharfe Wirkstoff aus der Chilischote (auch Cayenne Pfeffer genannt) – ALS natürlicher Blutverdünner fungieren kann und die Thromboseentwicklung verzögerte.

Auch die Autoren Stargrove, Treasure und des McKee Werkes “Herb, Nutrients, and Drug Interactions: Implications for Clinical Strategies”, erklären das chile blutverdünnende Eigenschaften aufweise, aber nur eben auch en hohen Dosen bzw. in Form des isolierten Capsaicins als Nahrungsergänzung.