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The team also wanted to know why

The team also wanted to know why the levels of GLP-1 increased after surgery. Normally, food is digested and absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. However, after surgery, a minor reduction occurs due to the reorganization of the gastrointestinal tract that involves the Y connection between bile and pancreatic enzymes with food. “Most digestion does not occur until the yellow and pancreatic enzymes descend from one side to the foods that descend to the other side, which occurs less in the intestines,” explains Greebel. This is important because most GLP-1 is released in the gastrointestinal tract. “If their nutrients are digested and absorbed a little less, therefore, they are stimulated to produce more GLP-1.”

Using the new RNA sequence and measurements based on mass spectrometry developed for this study, the team assigned the location of the various hormonal peptides in the intestine to humans and mice before and after vexgen keto surgery. They found that the cells that produce GLP-1 and other intestinal hormones were not affected by surgery. “This means that the cause of GLP-1 secretion is not greater because surgery changes the production of the gut hormone, but that happens because digestion and nutrients occur in a different place in the gastrointestinal tract, which leads to higher levels of GLP-1 and PYY, “says Gribble.

The team hopes to learn the precise mechanism responsible for rapid weight loss in the treatment of obesity. “If you can work on it and do a treatment that simulates it, that’s what everyone wants: an injectable or oral medication that can mimic surgery and cause people to lose weight without surgery,” she says. For those with hypoglycemia after gastric cancer surgery, the development of a compound that inhibits GLP-1 more permanently may help improve the quality of life of patients who are currently making significant adjustments in their eating behavior to avoid hypoglycemia.

Magnesium in food

Magnesium in food
Foods rich in magnesium, for example, plush, quinoa, seaweed, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, dried fruits (for you, dried, dried bananas), green leafy vegetables and legumes (even in the form of sprouts) . Be sure to include these foods regularly in your diet.

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Magnesium in the coral sea of ​​Sanju.
Magnesium can also be improved with the help of high quality dietary supplements. This marine coral from Sango includes that the ratio of Keto Viante calcium and magnesium is ideal at 2: 1, so both minerals can also be used by the body and used. In addition, the sango coral of sea not only contains calcium and magnesium, but we can also speak of food supplements that also include other 70 minerals and oligoelements.

When you buy Coral Coral Sango, make sure it is really a sea of ​​coral, not a less earth-friendly coral. Read more about Sango Marine Coral here.

Do not take a daily dose of magnesium one at a time, but distribute it in several individual doses, the body can always absorb only the portion and amount of absorption and more, the more magnesium take the dose for the same dose.

Alcohol: an important cause of rosacea.

Alcohol: an important cause of rosacea.
According to Qureshi, alcohol consumption is the main cause of rosacea. At least, this was the result of their study, which analyzed the data of approximately 83,000 women who participated in the second study of health of nurses between 1991 and 2005.

In four-year periods, women’s alcohol consumption and the type of alcohol consumed were examined. The last year of the study examined women who received the diagnosis of rosacea. In total, 4945 women were affected.

Compared to women who did not drink alcohol, women who love to drink occasionally accepted a much higher risk of rosacea, Prache cream especially white wine or alcohol, the same. The risk also increases with the amount of alcohol  consumed.

In the treatment and prevention of rosacea: avoid white wine and liquor!
Dr. Qureshi suspects that alcohol can weaken the immune system and cause excessive hypertrophy in the blood vessels of the face. Therefore, those who prefer to avoid rosacea in the future should significantly reduce their alcohol consumption. White wine and alcohol should not be drunk if there are already cases of pink counting in the family.

What avoids alcohol, of course, not only your skin is good, but your general state of health is that no part of the body knows when alcohol arrives in the neighborhood. On the harmful effects of alcohol, we report in detail here: Alcohol – poison for nerves Here: alcohol even in unhealthy small amounts

If you already have rosacea, alcohol is out of the question in exceptional cases. You can find tips and other information on comprehensive measures in Roszea at the following links:

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