Natural measures that help

Natural measures that help to become a non-smoker.
You already know some tips that can help you stop smoking. Here are some other options you can use, which combine many of them, to stop smoking as soon as possible.

1. Fresh lemon juice helps to stop smoking.
A randomized controlled trial in 2012 involved 100 participants who regularly smoked how good lemon juice could be to quit smoking. Participants received fresh lemon juice or nicotine gum. Withdrawal after 4 weeks was similar to chewing gum among participants who drank lemon juice.

2. Black pepper to stop smoking.
As early as 1994, smokers who wanted to be nonsmokers in a study received essential black pepper, menthol or placebo. It was found that those who inhaled the vapor of pepper oil had less desire in cigarettes. In 2013, the beneficial effect of pepper oil was confirmed in another study. Here, smokers were magnum trt given only one drop of pepper essential oil in the handkerchief and the smell by inhalation for two minutes, which reduces nicotine cravings.

3. The root of the roses and the plant of San Juan reduce the symptoms of abstinence.
A rose root can also help you become a non-smoker. The so-called adaptogen, a plant more resistant to stress, ensures that the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal are mitigated. Here you can find detailed information about the root (also known as Rhodiola rosea): Root of the Roses – Effects of anti-stress plants

The situation is similar to that of San Juan. Prevents natural antidepressants known as serotonin absorption, which increases the level of serotonin and mood, which can significantly facilitate quitting.

In Ayurveda, oats or oat extract is used to overcome opium addiction. Some patients also reported decreased appetite for cigarettes. Especially for light smokers, the treatment seems to work less in smokers.

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