How does activated carbon work?

How does activated carbon work?
Activated charcoal itself is linked to the digestive system by several bacteria and toxins and ensures that it can not cause more damage, so it is not absorbed, but is secreted with faeces.

This means that activated charcoal should be taken immediately after taking its poison, since, of course, it can only be bound, provided it is in the intestines. Activated charcoal can only absorb it and prevent it from entering the bloodstream from the intestines.

Can any toxin detoxify activated carbon?
However, activated carbon does not bind to any cm. The effect of alcohol, acid and alkali is not optimal, the metal does not appear either, but it has the advantage that activated carbon and minerals are not absorbed Overnight Lean Keto significantly. For vitamins, phytochemicals and antioxidants, things look different again. Here it must be assumed that coal also partially bonds with these materials and, therefore, renders them useless.

As described above, activated carbon removes toxins from drugs, drugs and toxins from plants. Also molds and their toxins should be able to detoxify well.

When should you take activated charcoal?
Ideally, activated charcoal should be administered immediately after the ingestion of venom, but at least during the first hour. Therefore, activated charcoal can always be considered at home as a first aid kit, which is administered immediately or carried away before it is directed to the hospital. Because many toxins can cause a lot of damage in 15 to 30 minutes until you get to the clinic, which can prevent activated charcoal.

At the same time, we know that activated carbon powder works better than previous discs. Therefore, it is better to take capsules filled with powder. They can be opened and mixed in water or lemon juice, which turns into black lemon juice.

How to make black lemon juice? Basic recipe
Black lemon juice requires some ingredients that are usually at home. Activated carbon only needs to be regulated:

Ingredients for 300 ml glass:

Fresh juice of half a lemon.
1 capsule of activated carbon
Sweeten stevia or yakon syrup or maple syrup
Ice cubes to taste and a slice of lemon to decorate.

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