Read other comments

Read other comments
Some of our articles are very popular and have many comments. Even if it consumes a lot of time, it’s worth it, in the first place the comments and questions of other readers, in addition to our answers to the study, and now only to publish your question, if it still exists.

It is not impossible that we ask for comments in the commentary on Soundsovielt or Soundsovielt because we have already explained everything there is.

Of course, we incorporate information about frequently asked questions, once our capabilities, also in the text itself, allow you to search for comments. However, given the hundreds of texts, this is not always possible within a manageable time frame.

There are no treatment instructions in the comments.
Now you may be reading an article about a particular disease and about the general measures of the disease.

You may know someone with the disease. This person  Trialix only takes 5 grams of vitamin YZ each day and feels a little better.

Therefore, immediately after publication: all wounded should quickly take 5 grams of vitamin YZ per day.

We invite you to write that you have had positive experiences with vitamin YZ yourself. But be sure to avoid the specific information that other readers may see as instructions for treatment.

Because it often happens that an article can be very useful for some people, but it can be fatal for others (like iodine).

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