Silicon protects the brain from aluminum.


Aluminum in the brain is problematic and may increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Unfortunately, aluminum is everywhere. It is taken with food and water, but also with vaccines. The body can not always excrete aluminum completely. They are stored in tissues or perhaps in the brain. With the component Tevida silicon element it can protect itself and, in particular, the brain from aluminum. Silicon prevents aluminum deposits and helps recycle aluminum already stored.


Protect the brain with silicone.

Food and drinking water may be contaminated with aluminum. We also take aluminum regularly through vaccines, this is mainly in recent years.


Often the body can not completely move the Tevida CANADA metal. Then, the toxins accumulate in tissues and organs, not directly in the brain.


In particular, vaccines are dangerous because they are injected directly into the tissues and, therefore, avoid the digestive system, which acts as a barrier to toxins of all kinds.


In blood or urine samples, exposure to aluminum can be observed only after acute poisoning in high doses, but not with the accumulation of toxins. If this is the case, aluminum will be indistinctly transformed into the fabric, where it can cause health problems of different types.


Particularly unpleasant are the consequences of aluminum contamination when the brain and nervous system are affected.


Silicon can help here and protect the body and brain of aluminum.







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