Plants healing toxins.


Many toxic plants can be respected. After all, they are often fatal even in smaller quantities. In homeopathy, partly in traditional medicine, it plays an important role due to its impressive healing effects. Learn about th Trialix e local poison factories and their incredible healing powers. Know which plant is toxic in pain, which occurs in fever, which of the cycle, which can be brought to the hyperactivity of heart disease, of course in the form of homeopathy!


Medicinal plant or poisonous plant?

Already in antiquity one knew about the sometimes deadly effect of some plants.


According to the Greek philosopher, Socrates was executed with a dose made of poisonous hemlock (stump of shakchan) and the famous cup of hemlock.


Emperor Claudius inflated his past thanks Trialix CANADA to pure plant poisoning. His wife Agrippina has mixed her murderous monks (napellus pestle) under the food.


At the same time, the ingredients and mechanisms of action for many of these toxic plants are considered well researched, not to kill, but – they can be used to cure – in the correct dose.


Especially that the two plants mentioned above are now among the important homeopathic medicines.


Many of the medicines promoted by traditional medicine come from highly poisonous plants.


Some heart medications are produced, for example, from lily of the valley ingredients (lily of the valley tablets) and foxglove (Borporia digigital), which you can read in more detail in our article on arrhythmias.








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