Fatty liver is cured.

Fatty liver is cured.
NAFLD can change in many cases to healthy liver in a few weeks or months with changes in diet and lifestyle.

It is often recommended to simply reduce the excess weight present. Apart from the fact that it is not easy for everyone to reverse obesity, experts are debating whether weight loss is really enough to cure fatty liver disease. Because more and more research shows that it is not necessarily the amount of calories in meals that leads to fatty liver, but the type of diet.

Healthy lifestyle is the basis of any treatment for fatty liver. Unfortunately, there were no specific dietary recommendations for patients with fatty liver disease, “said Dr. Louise Alfrenck of the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and lead author of the study described below.
The greater the number of meat, the greater the risk of fatty liver
A total of 3,440 people participate in the Rotterdam study (which is still ongoing). 1,040 are of normal weight (body mass index lessĀ Keto blast than 25 kg / m 2), and 2,400 are overweight (body mass index greater than 25 kg / m 2). In 35 percent, the fatty liver was diagnosed by ultrasound. It was found that people who consumed large amounts of animal protein (meat and drink) developed fatty liver more than those who ate only a small amount of meat.

It was examined whether consuming large amounts of protein could increase the risk of fatty liver disease. This was not the case. The risk increases only when the proteins consumed are of animal origin.

“Our research shows that the consumption of animal proteins is closely related to the development of fatty liver, especially if overweight at the same time, which is in line with the recent hypothesis.The diet is associated with high levels of animal protein and food High processed It leads to disorders of the health balance in the organism.It leads to disorders of glucose metabolism, the balance of the acid base also appears in the liver metabolism.

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